You may rent a crewed yacht ideal for couples, groups, friends and families to set sail out to the wondrous blues of the sea in a unique and private environment, on your own private boat with captain, deckhand, steward and cook, or you can hire a sailing bareboat without crew


Everyday at different bays, beside swimming in our blue beauties, you can have seaside walks, fishing, enjoying the meal with some nice drinks nearby and catch the peace. You will also have the chance to explore the antiquities of old ages which are waiting for you since tousands of years


Anchored at different bays of the peaceful heaven everyday, you can take walks on the shoreline, go for your luck and chose fishing, eat the most delicious, healthy, hearty Mediterranean food and have your favourite drink with it as well as swimming in the crystalline, turquoise waters. Besides, you will have the opportunity to visit historical sarcophagi, churches, castles and baths, antique civilizations.   


Our purpose is giving you the most acceptable prices which are fitting to your own budget. You can use our transfer service from airport to your yatch. And also, you can do your reservations for your hotel or your apart, by us. You can reach us to ask your questions or to do your bookings 24/7.


Blue Cruise departures are available almost every day of the week, yet mainly on Saturday and Sunday. All you have to do is choose your itinerary. Within Bodrum – Gulf of Gökova route you can visit the Cleopatra Beach, in Marmaris – Fethiye route Dalyan and Göcek 12 Islands and in Antalya – Kekova route you can visit the Church of St. Nicholas and the sunken city. itineraries can be opted for in private and cabin tours; besides, different itineraries can be arranged for groups. The captain can change the tour program depending on the weather and sea conditions. 




Blue voyage is the yacht cruise we are doing to explore hundreds of different bays of Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.This is a perfect way of vacation for which the duration would be decided by you from Bodrum, to Antalya’s unique shores, including Greek Islands


If you have no private group, do not worry. You can join our cabin tours for 3 -7 days and you can have new opportunities to meet with new friends. You will see all the possible shades of blue and gren, you will enjoy the summer breeze while sailing with the wonderful feelng of freedom


No worries if you cannot bring together a group. You may join our regular 3 or 7 days cabin charter tours and make new friends. Do experience the alternative holiday where sea lovers who seek for a holiday other than hotel leisure enjoy real time-off, laid back in the arms of the nature, on our yachts of 4, 6 or 8 cabins between May and October.


We are inviting you to experience such a beauty by joinning us, the Sea-Lovers, who are addicted to have their peace with sun and sea. A good chance to have a relaxing moment after the stressful periods of city life.



General Info: In economy and standard class yachts, cruising electricity power is 12 and 24V. In luxury and de luxe yachts 220 V electricity is available at all times. Doors remain unlocked and cabins are non-smoking. We recommend that you bring your own snorkel and flippers since the number of the ones available on board are limited. Shoes are not allowed on board. Please see the captain for any requests you may have during the cruise.


Gulet: Gulets are boats of special design used in Blue Cruise; they are hand made out of pine wood, chestnut-tree wood, mahogany and teak, able to cruise by motor power and sail with wind. This motor-sailor vessel is built in three different types in terms of its form: The vessel with oval stern is called a gulet; the one where the stern is perpendicular to the water is called ketch-square stern; the design with the fore and the stern of the vessel narrow down is called tirhandil. Sun-beds are located on the fore and dining tables and shaded resting cushions are at the cockpits located on the stern of the boats. Boat sizes vary between 12 - 45m in length, 3 - 10m

in width, 2 - 16 in number of cabins with up to 36 guest capacities. The cabins have shower, toilet, double or twin bed, wardrobe facilities; the closed living room is located on the mid of the vessels that are in four categories such as budget, standard, luxury and de luxe. All yachts are equipped with sails, generator and service boat.


Accommodation: All cabins have double bed of ample width; there is no space for extra bed. For cabin charters you can choose the full-board or all-inclusive accommodation options. Bringing your own food is not allowed in cabin charters. In private yacht charters, the boats are chartered with captain and crew, who can do the shopping for the tour according to the shopping list of guests.



Cabin charters provide fix menu. Breakfast menu is rich in varieties; lunch is generally light with vegetable dishes; five o’clock tea is accompanied with biscuits and dinner menu generally includes meat, fish, chicken dishes. Vegetarian and diabetic diets should be notified before and our cook will serve accordingly. Special menu is served for groups.



Crew: The crew consists of 2 - 5 personnel including the captain, deckhand, cook and hostess who have good knowledge of the yacht and the area of cruising. At least one of the crew speaks basic English. Captain is the person in charge on board; he is the one who makes necessary decisions for comfort and safety of the guests. The cook makes traditional Turkish food for the guests and assists the crew in general. The deckhand is responsible for general cleaning and service of the boat. The amount of gratuity depends on your satisfaction of the service.


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