Conditions of Contract

Blue voyage cabin charter tours are needed to be paid 50% during the following 7 days after reservation. All of the payment is completed 60 days before the tour starts. You can pay with credit card or by making a bank transfer. In private gulet yacht charters, private yachts, motor yacht and sailing bareboat charters  pay can be payable while boarding.


Cancellation conditions

From the reservation date to the beginning of the tour these deduction rates are made: The passenger is required to inform us about his wish of cancellation of the tour in black and white. Until the last 60 days to the tour, in the case of a cancellation %10 of the tour rate is taken. Until the last 59-39 days to the tour date, deduction rate is %25, until the last 29-15 days to the tour the rate is %50 and until the last 14 or less days the deduction rate is %100. There is no chance of refund of money. You can have travel insurance.


Cabin tour boat information

The name of the boat is announced a day before the tour and you are informed with e-mail or telephone. You can also get information by calling our office. Boat names can change depending on the circumstances of the passenger reservations.


Conditions of private yacht charters

Yachts welcome their guests as full equipped; nevertheless cruise comfort cannot be guaranteed under bad weather conditions. In case of not delivering the yacht, the payment is paid back with no interest to the charterer. If engine faults continue more than 48 hours, an equal yacht is put into service or the payment of the rest of the tour is paid back.



Yacht insurance includes third party insurances. In the case of injury caused by the passenger himself, it is recommended to the passenger to have insurance.


Acts of god

Because of the reasons which cannot be foreseen like wars, earthquake or strike if a tour cannot start, our firm is not responsible for it.



Our captain should be informed first about the complaints during the tour. In the unfulfilled situations, captain contacts with our firm. The complaint is delivered to our firm in black and white in 15 days. In case of disagreement, Marmaris Courts of the Republic of Turkey are the authority.


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