• By plane, bus or your private car, it is possible to arrive at the harbor where your yacht is?

    By plane, bus or your private car, it is possible to arrive at the harbor where your yacht is. If you wish, we can provide your transportation with the most reasonable price. If you use headway, it is 800 km from Istanbul to Fethiye or Marmaris and 750 km to Bodrum. It is 32 km from Milas Airport to Bodrum and 90 km from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris and 54 km to Fethiye. If you prefer air travel, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus or Atlas Jet can be chosen. From Istanbul to Dalaman or Milas Airports it takes 1 hour and 15 mins. By bus you can arrive each area for 12 hours.

  • How is the payment made?

    All is paid when the reservation is made in cabin charter tours. In private yacht gulet charter,motor yacht charter, bareboat sailing charter 30% of the payment is paid during the reservation. It can be paid while boarding. There is also the chance of by credit card.

  • Things you should bring with you?

    We don’t wear shoes in boat but nonslip slippers or boat shoes can be used. As it can be cool in the evenings, you may need a thin jumper. The indispensable things are sun glasses, sunscreen and camera. A set of rift swimming mask, palette and snorkel is present in boats, it is recommended you to bring your own set for personal usage. In cabins there are hand towels and bath towels.

  • Have the boat and the passengers insurance?

    All the boats including passengers have third party insurance. Nevertheless, in the case of injury caused by the passenger himself, it is recommended to the passenger to have personal insurance.

  • Do boats have air conditioner?

    Blue cruise cabin tours are made standard schooners which do not have air conditioner. Except for July and August, cabins are not so hot at nights. If you wish you can sleep under the stars in the tanning beds present in upper deck. Private group schooner charter option has air conditioner depending on its type.

  • Is it possible to have an additional bed in cabin?

    Cabin tour boats provide a double bed in cabins. There is no chance to put another bed to the cabin but, the private group boats can have master suit cabins, two double bed or two or three beds.

  • Where are the life-saving tools in the case of an emergency?

    Routes are set in the safest way by following the shore bays. In case of an emergency, there are a boat which can open automatically and an assistant boat in the back of the ship. Under each bed there are 2 life jackets. In case of a fire there are fire extinguishers and a fire blanket.

  • Conservation of valuable articles and money?

    As during the blue cruise you will be navigating together for days, trust is essential. Qualified crew do not touch your private belongings. Up to now, there has not been any case of theft. Cabins are not locked. If you wish you can give your money and valuable articles to the captain and take them back at the end of the tour.

  • Is there Internet access in the boat?

    In cabin tour boat there is not Wifi. It is present in some of the private charter schooners. In almost every bay there is an opportunity to access to the 3G Internet with your phone or computer.

  • How is the child procedure?

    During Bodrum- Gokova Gulf cabin tours, children under 12 are not accepted. They are accepted in Fethiye- Marmaris- Fethiye and Fethiye-Kekova-Fethiye tours. Children are given separated cabins and do not get any discount. For private yacht charters there is not any age limit.

  • Are pets accepted?

    Pets are not accepted in cabin tours. Some of the private boats they are.

  • Is there any opportunity to walk on the land?

    In the first and the last days of the cabin tours, boats stops in main harbors and in the other days the nights are spent in still bays. You can go ashore and do trekking. If you wish our crew can guide you to the land with boat and to the ship again. 

  • Can mobile phones or Ipad, etc. be charged?

    Yes, 220 volt electricity is provided constantly in harbors and in sea electricity is provided by invertor and generator.

  • WC-and-bathroom unit?

    In each cabin there is a WC-and-bathroom unit. After swimming you can take a bath on deck.

  • Do drinks have to be paid for?

    In cabin tours they have to be paid for a reasonable price.In private boat charters, the guest can buy his own drinks.

  • Are night cruises done?

    In boat tours cruises are made in daytime. Every day boats stop at 2 or 3 bays. In still bays the night is spent.

  • How much should be tip?

    Depending on your satisfaction, it can be separately given to the crew or captain. Average tip amount is between the %5-%10 of the tour fee.

  • Is proof of competency required?

    Proof of competency requirements vary from country to country with some areas (such as Greece, Croatia and Majorca) often insisting on written proof. This can be in the form of a sailing certificate or, in some cases, a letter from a recognised yacht club. Other areas (notably the Caribbean) simply require a single page signed sailing resume. In Croatia a VHF license is expected. It is worth remembering that all charter companies reserve the right to place a skipper on board (at the expense of the client) if they feel there is any question of safety - although we have never heard of this occurring.

  • What does the price include?

    The prices shown are per boat for the period stated. Occassionally the prices quoted will be flight inclusive offers, and in these cases the price is normally dependent on a certain number of people booking and travelling together. Flight inclusive offers are listed as per person prices. All our operators differ in exactly what is included on your charter, upon quoting you will be advised exactly what is included. As a minimum: the yacht and all equipment, linen, all safety equipment, charts and cruising guide, etc.

  • Do you only book 'late' charters?

    No. However far in advance you wish to book we will endeavour to get the best possible price for your charter.

  • I don't know where to sail?

    Depending on the make up and experince of your crew, the time of year you are looking to travel, and the type of holiday you want the suitability of a sailing area can vary massively, for example a young family with limited experience is likely to have different requirements to a student's sailing associations annual spring break. Our team are hugely knowledgable of the pros and cons of the various areas and are always available to discuss and suggest the areas which might suit best.

  • Please explain the date and number of days format

    If we show (say) 10 May to 27 July, 7 days, then we show the price for 7 days within the date window shown. However the yacht is available for ten, fourteen or twenty one day charters in that period. It is likely that a longer charter will attract a bigger discount, so please contact us for price information.

  • What paperwork and information can I expect, and when?

    When you confirm you will receive login details to access the secure area of our website. Here you will find two forms for completion - our booking form and the yacht operator's contract, along with the base information which is to be taken with you. You can submit your crew lists and upload copies of your certificates within this secure area.

  • Once I have booked do I deal with LateSail or direct with the operator?

     All questions and correspondence in the run up the your charter should be addressed to us here at LateSail and we will be happy to help.

  • I wish to pay by bank transfer, what are your bank details?

    NatWest Bank Canterbury

    City Centre Branch 11

    The Parade Canterbury

    Kent England CT1 2SQ


    Sort Code: 60-04-27

    Account Number: 45457379

    Swift code: NWBKGB2LXXX

    IBAN: GB94 NWBK 6004 2745 4573 79

  • Do I need insurance?

    We strongly advise our clients to have comprehensive holiday insurance. If you are a UK resident we recommend the "yachtsman's travel policy" available here: http://www.topsailinsurance.co.uk/landing.php?code=LS

    On all yacht charters it is necessary to leave a refundable security deposit, this is normally paid by credit card on embarkation. It may be possible to insure this subject to whether an insurance scheme is run by the operator. Alternatively, there are some third party insurers who offer cover of your deposit. In these cases the deposit still has to be left at the base but in the event of a claim by the charter company you can reclaim the expense from the insuracnce company. For further details just ask at the time of booking.

  • Can you help with airport hotels and car parking?

    Yes, if you are living in the UK. The company we use, when we are off sailing, is Holiday Extras. They offer excellent value and you can reach them by clicking here.

  • How often is the site updated?

    We have somebody ready to amend the site daily, including weekends and as soon as we are notified of new offers or changes in availability the site is updated.

  • Does the site cover every charter operator?

    We certainly try to cover every operator and currently we have over ninety on the books. Please note that some operators are occasionally slow in advising us when a boat has been booked and is no longer available - so please check availability with us.

  • Does the site show live availability?

    No. The site shows the offers published by the charter fleets however all offers are subject to availability.

  • Is there insurance available to cover any refundable deposits required?

    Yes, you can arrange security deposit insurance by clicking here.

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