DAY 1  Boarding starts at 15:00.After food and water are supplied and customs procedures are completed, we are ready to sail.For the first night, we will anchor at Kadırga Bay, whose water is like crystal.After swimming break, it is time to have dinner and relax.

DAY 2  After breakfast, we will go into Rhodes Mandraki Harbour in 2 hours.After passport and customs procedures are completed, we will have lunch.Because there are lots of Turkish inhabitants, several people speak Turkish.So you will feel at home on Rhodes Island.There are two parts: Old City and New City.We highly recommend you to see Suleyman Mosque, which is the biggest building in Rhodes, and castle and museum.

DAY 3  Optionally , we can extend our Rhodes tour or sail to Simi Island in 2.5 hours.After customs procedures, you can sit in the cafés and restaurants on the long seaside, visit the old church on the hill.Altough it is a small island, it is nice to take photo of its colourful houses and different architecture.

DAY 4  On the first day of  our Hisaronu Tour, you can walk around in Datca after customs procedures completed.We will have the swimming break in Aktur Bay.We are in Bencik Bay for dinner and overnight stay.

DAY 5  After having a swimming break on Dislice Islands, in Emel Sayin Bay (Inbuku), Kizkumu- Orhaniye, we go into Selimiye.The village which has an amazing bay is very popular recently.You can go and see outdoor market, swim in the sea.

DAY 6  On our route back, we will have swimming breaks at Bozburun, which is frequent destination of sailmakers because of its famous boatyards and at Sogut Bays.We will anchor on Bozukkale Harbour, where is Loryma Ruins, for the overnight stay.

DAY 7  The last day, we will have a swimming break and lunch  on Serce Harbour, where the amphoras in Bodrum Museum was taken out and sail to Cennet Island or Kumlubuk for the overnight stay.

DAY 8  After the breakfast, we will say good-bye to each other.We hope to see you on a blue voyage again.