BLUE VOYAGE Blue Cruise is what we call the recreational boating tours made on traditional yachts, where we indulge ourselves in immaculate tones of the colour blue, exploring hundreds of bays that lie all the way from the southern Aegean Sea to the east of the Mediterranean – a tradition dating back to 1950s. It is a modus vivendi in close contact with colour blue, the itinerary and duration of which are custom-made-to- taste, sailing with our boat along the amazing coastline from Bodrum to Antalya. In recent years Rhodes, Symi and Cos are included within the ports of call in alternative itineraries that integrate the Greek Islands in the courses of navigation. We offer a choice of boats, Gulet or Ketch, ranging from 12 to 40 meters, of 2 to 10 cabins and accommodating up to 20 guests. There are two ways to take this fabulous voyage: you may rent a crewed yacht ideal for couples, groups, friends and families to set sail out to the wondrous blues of the sea in a unique and private environment, on your own private boat with captain, deckhand/steward and cook. No worries if you cannot bring together a group. You may join our regular 4 or 7 days cabin charter tours and make new friends. Do experience the alternative holiday where sea lovers who seek for a holiday other than hotel leisure enjoy real time-off, laid back in the arms of the nature, on our yachts of 4, 6 or 8 cabins between May and October. Anchored at a different bay of the peaceful heaven everyday, you can take walks on the shoreline, go for your luck and chose fishing, eat the most delicious, healthy, hearty Mediterranean food and have your favourite drink with it as well as swimming in the crystalline, turquoise waters. Besides, you will have the opportunity to visit historical sarcophagi, churches, castles and baths – the remnants of antique civilizations. We invite you to join the fleet of sea lovers and take this marvellous experience, a yearly habit of the ones who want to get away from the stress of urban life. Best regards... ABOUT US: Based on an experience of sailing mastery since 1990 and established in 2004, IDE Yachting continues operating in its head office based in Marmaris. Its scope of service is founded on organizing private and cabin charter Blue Cruise tours in the Aegean and the Mediterranean, from Bodrum to Datça – Marmaris – Göcek – Fethiye – Kaş – Antalya, including the Greek Islands. Within the progressing maritime tourism sector, our primary target is exclusively specified as utmost Guest satisfaction. Within this frame we make sure that you have the best holiday ever, with our service perspective that incorporates good quality, consistency, continuity, speed and enthusiasm for further development. Chamber of Commerce Registry No : 6796 Tax Office and No : Marmaris - 050025614 IDE Yachting is a member of Maritime Tourism Association

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